2.0 Turf Quality, Delivery & Installation

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  1. 2.1 Turf Quality

    When harvested and palletised, the turf must meet the following standards:

  2. 2.1.1 Turf to be 100 percent visually free of other turf varieties.
  3. 2.1.2 Visually weed, disease and pest-damage free.
  4. 2.1.3 Turf tensile-strength to meet minimum AusGAP standards – turf rolls and slabs can be picked up with two hands without separating and remain in one piece when installed.
  5. 2.1.4 Turf is to be cut to consistent length and methods must be in place to avoid product mix-ups on sale or delivery.
  1. 2.1.5 A system of management must be in place for all turf that is delivered to re-sellers and other off farm suppliers. This system is to ensure that the turf is handled and stored correctly and that no turf is sold in a state that does not meet the AusGAP quality standards.
  1. 2.2 Wholesale Turf Purchases

    In the event of the sale or purchase of non-AusGAP certified turf by an AusGAP certified producer, the following processes must be followed:

  2. 2.2.1 Prior to the purchase of non-AusGAP certified turf for the supply of a customer when on- farm supply is low, an application must be made to AusGAP and the appropriate forms filled in and returned.
  3. 2.2.2 When on-selling AusGAP certified turf to a non-certified producer, or purchasing non- AusGAP certified turf from a non-certified producer, a Non-Assignment of IP Agreement needs to be signed by both parties and returned to the AusGAP office.
  4. 2.2.3 A Wholesale Purchase Notification is to accompany any non-AusGAP certified turf sold by a certified producer stating that the turf is not from an AusGAP certified farm.
  5. 2.2.4 Records of all non-AusGAP certified turf that is bought and sold, as well as any wholesale certified turf sold to non-certified growers is to be kept and made available to AusGAP on request.


  1. 2.3 Turf Quality Control

    It is expected the following minimum quality control standards will be applied and consistently met by the grower:

  2. 2.3.1 All staff will receive up to date training on AusGAP requirements and records of this training are to be made available to AusGAP on request.
  1. 2.3.2 Turf will be supplied with any relevant Product Warranty Certificate, and meet all criteria as outlined in the Warranty.
  2. 2.3.3 The turf will comply with all marketing claims and sales aids.
  3. 2.3.4 A record will be kept of all customer complaints and made available to AusGAP on request.
  1. 2.3.5 All customer complaints will be responded to in the first instance before the close of business, the following business day.
  1. 2.4 Delivery

    To ensure turf is delivered to customers in optimum condition, the following requirements must be met:

  2. 2.4.1 The centre of turf pallets are not to exceed 47.5 degrees Celsius at the time of delivery. If the core temperature is at risk of exceeding this level, a method of cooling such as icing should be applied at the time of harvest.
  3. 2.4.2 All delivery drivers are to have completed and met a minimum standard of basic turf installation and lawn care education for the customer benefit, as approved by AusGAP.
  4. 2.4.3 In the event of a contractor delivering the product, satisfactory written documentation needs to be provided to the customer upon delivery to ensure the appropriate information is available for proper installation.
  1. 2.5 Installation

    All installers are to be correctly trained and the grower to furnish the appropriate self- assessment declaration to AusGAP upon request.

  2. 2.5.1 Installation personnel, staff or contractors (Installers) must hold all appropriate licenses, and tickets as required by State and Federal laws.
  3. 2.5.2 Installers should undergo ongoing training and assessment if requested by AusGAP to maintain quality control.
  4. 2.5.3 Installers are to wear appropriate safety uniforms and PPE that are compliant with relevant statutory legislation and company WHS
  1. 2.5.4 Installers will brief the customer on turf care, such as watering, mowing and the appropriate fertilisers and other turf care products.
  2. 2.5.5 Installers are required to provide the customer with the appropriate product warranty or more satisfactory documentation aer completion of the installation.