4.0 Marketing & Customer Service

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  1. 4.1 Branding and Marketing

    To be awarded and retain AusGAP certification, growers are to meet the following minimum requirements:

  2. 4.1.1 Clear explanation of the process and benefits of AusGAP certification to customers, both at pre-sale and point of sale as outlined in the ‘AusGAP for Consumers’ brochure.
  3. 4.1.2 Ensure AusGAP certification is not claimed by on-sellers or installers that have not gained certification or this may result in breach of Intellectual Property. Any sale or purchase of Non-AusGAP certified turf by a certified grower must have prior approval from AusGAP and the appropriate forms filled, signed and submitted as per AusGAP requirements.
  1. 4.1.3 Have all staff trained in AusGAP certification
  1. 4.1.4 Issue an AusGAP compliant certificate with each sale as directed.
  1. 4.2Customer Service

    Under AusGAP certification, the following minimum standards of customer service need to be met:

  2. 4.2.1 All sales staff to be trained on current and new products and turf varieties.
  3. 4.2.2 All delivery and installation staff are to represent the brands and the company in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  4. 4.2.3 All staff to wear the appropriate uniform for their relevant position at all times and as required by statutory law and company WHS policies.
  1. 4.2.4 All staff are to participate in any required customer service training programs.
  2. 4.2.5 All customer enquiries or concerns are to responded to in the first instance before the close of business, the following business day.
  1. 4.3 Product Warranty

    To be AusGAP compliant, growers need to comply with the following requirements relating to product warranties:

  2. 4.3.1 All turf sold will meet the guidelines as set-out in the relevant product warranty that is issued.
  3. 4.3.2 Sufficient stock of relevant product warranty certificates to be kept on hand at all times – a minimum three month’s supply.
  4. 4.3.3 Every delivery must be accompanied with the relevant product warranty certificate.
  5. 4.3.4 Each branded variety must have its own certificate.
  6. 4.3.5 Warranty certificates can only be issued by AusGAP certified growers and their on-sellers.